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Free Conversation About Switching Off Your Anxiety

Now that you have been filtering out the negativity, now that you have cleared out of a lot of the unnecessary information out of your brain, out of your body, and your body has begun to relax, your body has begun to switch off the fight-or-flight reflexes, I’m going to invite you to focus on one cell in the very center of your body, in your center of gravity, which is between your belly button and your pubic bone.
In there, just imagine that there is one cell that is the master cell of your entire brain and body. It has all of the intelligence that you possess. It has all of the wisdom that you possess. It has all of the dreams and the hopes and the aspirations. It has all of the goals and the passions that you have. It has all of your history and all of your potential and strength in there.
Because this particular master cell controls every other cell throughout your brain and your body, we’re going to work with this cell right now to help you to change the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act, and even the way that you speak about yourself, your situation, and your future.
Just imagine that you could walk into this cell, that it was big enough to walk into. In fact, it was big enough to be a concert hall. There, in the center of the concert hall, you saw an entire orchestra, 120 different musicians all playing different instruments, and one conductor guiding each of the musicians to produce the very best performance.
Just allow yourself now to relax for a few moments, and just listen to them as they practice your favorite tune. As they’re playing it, some thoughts pass through your mind about the kind of life that you want to live, the kind of thoughts that you’d like to have, and that if you could give the conductor the exact script for the life that you want, then it might be possible to live in a different way, to think differently, to speak differently about yourself and your life and your future and your past, and to have a different range of emotions that were more supportive and more pleasurable or relaxing and more peaceful.
While you’re listening to the tune being played by the 120 musicians conducted by the conductor, just spend a few moments choosing the things that you want in your future, in your life, the kind of way that you want to speak about yourself and your future, your past, and your life right now. The kind of emotions that you want to be experiencing, the kind of things that you want to think about, and the way you want to feel inside about yourself, about your future, your past, and your present.
Then, like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, just imagine that you could take your past, your present, your future, and your hopes and your dreams, and imagine that somehow you could convert all of these into a musical rendition and give it to the composer, and the composer could get the entire orchestra to play your favorite tune with all of these nuances added in, all of these ideas that you have about how you want to change your life built in.
As you listen to the orchestra play your tune, just notice how it makes you feel. All your energy seems to have changed. Your thoughts are clearer. Your body feels lighter. Your future seems brighter. Your past seems farther away, and your present is where you’re living and happy today.
Once the orchestra have got the tune exactly the way you want, then we will be able to spread that tune into every other cell of your brain and your body and pass the message of that this is the life that you want to live, this is the way that you want to be.
So, keep making the changes. Keep adjusting the score. Keep making it work better. Change it more and more. Add in the things that you really want. Not just the things that you want for other people, but the things that you want for yourself. This is for you to help you to live a better-quality life.
When the orchestra finally gets the tune perfect, and you know exactly what it means when that tune is played [inaudible 00:07:54], then you begin to hum it. As soon as you begin to hum it, it begins to spread throughout your entire body, down along your legs and out along your arms, up through your chest and into your neck, into your head, throughout your entire being so that your whole body and brain and everything inside and outside is vibrating over and over again with the same beautiful tune, with that wonderful intention, the clarity of mind, the peace of mind that you have decided to live.
And so, you will find that you’ve left your worries behind. As you walk away, you bring with you a new energy, a new vitality, a new peace and happiness that comes from within. Anytime you need to revitalize it, refresh it, all you need to do is to hum your favorite tune. And so, you will find your entire being is humming it from head to toe, inside and out, left and right, front and back, for you can control the conductor in the master cell of your entire being.

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